Service extras

Camping equipment

Chairs, table, tableware and a cooker.
Price: 1.300 ISK per day

Camping Page
Highland driving

Fuel cans – 3.000 ISK per rental
Shovel – 1.500 ISK per rental


Children booster seat – 1000 ISK per rental
Children chair – on request per rental


Extra driver – 10.000 ISK pr rental 
SCDW Insurance – 4.500 ISK per day

Tent and trailers

Roof top tent – 7.000 ISK per day
Trailer – 7.000 ISK per day

GPS Device

GPS – 1.500 ISK per day
Maximum charge 7.000 ISK

WIFI - 1.000 per day

Custom and modified 

Our Land Rover Defenders are equipped with snorkel, tow rope, repair set and air compressor
(if not spear wheel) and softer 35″ or 38″ inch tires.


White modified Land Rover Defender


White modified Land Rover Defender


We offer a free delivery to your hotel, hostel or the domestic airport. 

Keflavik Airport

The airport is located 45 minutes from Reykjavik and it will cost extra 6.000 ISK each way for delivery at the airport.

Other places

Upon request we can deliver the car to your location. Contact us with more information.